Testalensis 100 - 75 caps

Testalensis 100 - 75 caps

Manufacturer: APS


Testalensis 100 Product Details:

Testalensis 100 is a testosterone/GH optimizer/anti-estrogen. Testalensis 100 uses the first and only standardized bulbine natalensis in the world. This 100:1 extract ratio bulbine natalensis material is far superior to the current 1:1 extract non-standardized bulbine currently on the market. Not that some of that bulbine isn't from the correct part of the plant or of the correct origin, because it is. But just like all other herbs the standardized version is vastly superior, bulbine is no exception. The fact is that this bulbine is 100X more potent and emphasizes those components that effect performance and hypertrophy.

Here is a quick look at the basic formula and why it is so synergistic and complete, it will never be matched.

Standardized bulbine natalensis- This is the most potent LH/FSH producer ever found in nature by far. Flooding your system with the first step in high testosterone output leutinizing hormone.

Fadogia agrestis- from the most pristine source of fadogia that APS knows of and yes it is from the stem parts. This is the perfect addition to bulbine because it takes care of step 2 which is sensitizing the leydig cells in the testes so that they communicate perfectly with all this new LH flooding your system and swelling to produce loads of new and readily available testosterone.

Urtica dioca- Now that we have ridiculous amounts of new total testosterone we are ready for stage 3. Making sure SHBG does not bind to and render useless all of our beautiful new testosterone. That's right testosterone is great, but it's free unbound testosterone that really builds muscle and powers up the libido. So APS used the most amazing free test liberator known in nature so that most of this testosterone remains free and unbound for the results you demand.

Macuna pruriens (l-dopa)- This is a great test booster in its own right as well as dopamine but what really adds such dimension to this formula is its ability to produce lots of growth hormone. What goes better with test than good old GH? Nothing. It is the perfect compliment and macuna pruriens means incredible amounts of GH to further your gains and fat loss, not to mention the tremendous sense of well being.

Zinc Aspartate- For good measure APS rounds it off with ZA, also needed to manufacture testosterone and not to mention it's also great for the immune system.

Vitamin D3- High vitamin D level = high testosterone levels. Now research states that vitamin D increases the male sex hormone testosterone, they discovered that increased amounts of vitamin D (greater than 30 mug/l) were associated with substantially higher amounts of testosterone. Vitamin D3 is a vital component to achieving high testosterone levels.

Testalensis 100 Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 25

Amount Per Serving:
Testalensis Proiprietary Blend (3,4 divanillyltetrahydrofuran [standardized 95%], BULBINENATALENSIS 100:1 [standardized 55% steroidal saponins, 10% sterols, 2.5% sterolins], mucuna pruriens [standardized l-dopa 50%], fadogia agrestis [chromadex certified], xzinc aspartate, vitamin D3 [cholecalciferol]) 2250 mg

Testalensis 100 Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, magnesium stearate, silica, FD&C blue 1.

Testalensis 100 Recommended Use:
Take 1 capsule 3 times daily. Never exceed recommended dose 3 caps per day.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT exceed recommended dose of this product under any circumstances. This product is not more effective when dose is increased, in fact it may be less effective. Intended for use in healthy adult (over 18) males. Do not use if you have ever been treated for any kind of endocrine imbalance or disturbance. Do not use if you have or are being treated for enlarged, swollen or inflamed prostate or prostate problems of any nature. Always consult your physician before starting this or any dietary supplement. If you experience any adverse reaction discontinue use and consult your physician.