TestoPRO - 120 caps

TestoPRO - 120 caps

Manufacturer: AI Sports Nutrition


HIGHLY Effective Testosterone Booster!
In order to bring to the supplement industry a straight to the point, and HIGHLY effective testosterone booster, Anabolic Innovations presents TestoPRO.

What is so special about TestoPRO? Well for starters, it contains an ingredient that had been clinically suggested to raise testosterone, in humans! What is this ingredient you ask? It is nothing else but Testofen.

Testofen is an extract of fenugreek seed containing the steroidal saponins, sapogenins and furostanol saponins , which are important precursors for the synthesis of a number of sex hormones. This extract has been suggested in human studies to raise free testosterone (the biologically active form). Just as important, not only does Testofen boost free testosterone, but it also aids in fat loss. Not only did the participants in the study have significantly raised testosterone, they also didn't gain any weight. I know. You want muscle, right? You will like hearing this. Skin fold thickness was measured at the beginning of the study, as well as the end of the study, at both the triceps and thigh regions. On average, participant's skin fold thickness was reduced at both the triceps and at the thigh, while maintaining body weight. What does that mean? Only that while losing a substantial amount of fat in the skin fold thickness, participants gained an equal amount of muscle. So they were losing fat and gaining muscle mass, at the same time! Blood Urea nitrogen levels were significantly reduced after consumption of Testofen. This shows reduction in protein catabolism. This confirms muscle mass build up during the study while skin fold decrease took place.

Divanil - What else is beneficial in TestoPRO? Thanks for asking. Not only does TestoPRO contain one ingredient suggested to raise free testosterone, but it contains two. The other one is Divanil, a compound also suggested to raise free testosterone. By using Divanil, we are able to dramatically increase the levels of free testosterone in the body. Free testosterone is the only form of testosterone able to enter the cell and cause the positive benefits that testosterone will provide.

Indole-3-Carbinol - I know, you have heard that some testosterone boosters can cause issues with libido, and even raising estrogen, but that will not be the case with TestoPRO. The two ingredients that raise free testosterone will help support healthy libido, and we have also included an ingredient to modulate your estrogen levels, it is called Indole-3-Carbinol. Indole-3-Carbinol is a compound found in high concentrations in Brassica family vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage (sounds like mom was right when she said eat your broccoli, huh?). Indole-3-Carbinol has several effects iincluding anti-oxidant and the reason we included it in our formula - estrogen modulation.

Now, none of these ingredients do much good if they aren't active in your system long enough to reap the desired effects, so we have included two ingredients that help with increasing the bio-availability and maybe even increasing the amount of time these substances are active in your body. These two ingredients are quercetin, and Bioperine.

Quercetin helps with the bioavailability of the product you are taking.

Piperine, in the patented form of BioPerine enhances the body's natural thermogenic activity-hence the term Thermonutrient. This enhancement may be explained as a means of increasing the thermal energy sufficient to "power up" the mechanism related to thermogenesis. This in turn results in increased metabolic processes that creates a "demand" for "supply" of a broad range of nutrients that contribute to metabolism, i.e. vitamins, minerals, herbals, amino acids, etc. It is as if BioPerine activates a metabolic paddle wheel, of sorts, that selectively provides a more efficient mode of nutrient transportation into the blood.

TestoPRO Supplement facts:
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:
Testofen (Fenugreek Extract 50% Fenuside) 300mg

TestoPRO Complex (Proprietary Blend) 600mg
Quercetin 95%, Divanil (Proprietary Urtica Diocia Extract containing SHGB Binding and Aromatase Inhibiting Lignana Including 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran Secoisolariciresinol), Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C); Bioperine (95-98% Piperine)

TestoPRO Other Ingridents:
Gelatin (Capsule), Maltodextrin, Candurin Silver Fine, FD&C Blue #1, TIO2.

TestoPRO Recommended Use:
Take 2 capsules in the AM and another 2 capsules in the PM.