Cell K.E.M. - 400 grams
Cell K.E.M. - 400 grams

Cell K.E.M. - 400 grams

Manufacturer: Evogen


Evogen - Cell K.E.M  - 440g Product Details:

If you're familiar with my training and nutritional philosophy or if you've ever read any of the literally hundreds of articles I've published in the various industry magazines you understand that the primary tenet of my philosophy of muscle building is solidly based on the concept that maximum anabolism means maximizing blood flow Every facet of my nutritional protocol the FST-7 training program and now with Evogen Nutrition every component of an athlete's regimen is specifically manipulated to maximize the flow of nutrient-rich growth- and performance-fueling blood into the muscles This being said both EVP and now Cell KEM have been formulated with several key ingredients to maximize cellular volumization support vasodilation and to optimize cell-enriching blood and nutrient delivery

You may have noticed that both Cell KEM and EVP contain several similar ingredients This is because both products are formulated to maximize bloodflow to feed anabolism Here are the primary differences

- EVP the Elite Pre-workout Solution is designed to deliver immediate muscle pump and an anabolic “spike” with FUSIL available exclusively from Evogen Nutrition 
- EVP also contains performance boosting nootropics to help sharpen mental focus for the most-intense training sessions you've ever experienced without the use of pump-killing adrenal stimulants

Cell KEM is designed to work in synergy with EVP supporting maximum hardness fullness and recovery by providing sustained growth-enhancing pump and volumization along with the potent growth-triggering 411 ratio of fermented pharmaceutical grade BCAAs Only Cell KEM contains FUSIL in this ultra-high quality of ingredients in this aggressive anabolic ratio 

Whereas EVP contains nootropics that are useful for the pre- and intra-workout performance boosting Cell KEM utilizes multiple NO-stimulating agents in its Osmotic Expansion Matrix Along with anti-oxidants free-radical scavengers and cellular detoxifiers which protect against cellular trauma and facilitate recovery Cell KEM contains additional NO support agents in its Recovery Augmenting / Anti-Catabolic Complex that also serves to intensify volumization and expansion by further supporting NO production

With the powerful lock and key synergy created between the dramatic and immediate volumizing effects of the pre-workout anabolic catalyst EVP and the powerful cellular expansion and nutrient driving effects of Cell KEM both with pharmaceutical grade amino acids including FUSIL in specific ratios designed to trigger immediate and ongoing anabolism There is no product or combination of products that can compare to the muscle-maximizing effects of EVP and Cell KEM"

Unlock Your Maximum Growth Potential!

High-intensity training sets off a cascade of internal bio-chemical events that can lead to catabolic consequences-muscle cell damage But it is exactly the traumatic impact of hard training that triggers the body's mechanisms for growth and repair With proper nutritional support potential cellular breakdown can become the catalyst for new muscle growth Cell KEM delivers the key nutrient building blocks needed to maximize this adaptive anabolic response

What is Cell KEM

Cell KEM is Evogen Nutrition's Elite Mass & Recovery Catalyst Cell KEM is a precisely formulated high-performance nutrition supplement designed to address the key factors that impact muscle growth and recovery following high-intensity training As with all Evogen Nutrition products Cell KEM contains ingredients of the highest potency highest purity and solubility for maximum impact and effectiveness

What Does Cell KEM Do

Cell KEM meticulously combines key muscle-building agents in precise ratios that have been proven to synergistically

- Maximize blood flow cellular expansion and volumization
- Trigger anabolism
- Promote new cell growth by providing the building blocks for cellular reconstruction
- Clear the pathway for anabolism by neutralizing the oxidative stress that results from high-intensity training

How Does Cell KEM Work

Cell KEM is a synergistic blend of performance-enhancing agents each carefully selected to maximize the body's anabolic response to training

1 411 Growth Acceleration Complex

Pharmaceutical Grade Fermented Ultra-Soluble BCAA complex Leucine (FUSIL) Isoleucine Valine - 411 anabolic ratio
Recent research has demonstrated the potent impact of Leucine as the ”anabolic catalyst” because of its direct role in stimulating protein synthesis by activating the anabolic pathway mTOR Leucine stimulates the internal cascade of events that ultimately result in greater muscle acquisition In combination with the other two branched-chain amino acids (BCAA's) isoleucine and valine Leucine has been shown to trigger anabolism and speed recuperation especially during times of stress such as during intense training BCAA supplementation also plays a role in stimulating the powerful anabolic hormones testosterone insulin and growth hormone Only Cell KEM combines FUSIL and pharmaceutical grade isoleucine and valine in the 411 anabolic ratio designed to maximize the anabolic impact of FUSIL No other formula can match this FUSIL is pharmaceutical Grade Fermented Ultra-Soluble

2 Recovery Augmenting/Anti-Catabolic/Anti-Oxidant Complex
Cell KEM contains several key nutrients proven to enhance recovery bolster the immune system and scavenge cell-damaging metabolic waste products Pharmaceutical grade glutamine and L-Glutamine AKG are key immuno-support anti-catabolic and recovery augmenting agents of the highest purity and potency This specific detoxifying matrix is designed to relieve systemic metabolic load to facilitate rapid and maximal recovery from the potential cellular trauma caused by the rigors of hard-training and restrictive contest dieting The nutrient base of Cell KEM is also fortified with Resveratrol which has demonstrated anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory immuno-protective and cardio-protective effects in multiple studies 

3 Osmotic Expansion/ATP-Enhancing Complex
One of Cell KEM's unique properties is it's volumizing capability Like it's lock-and-key counterpart EVP the Elite Pre-Workout Solution Cell KEM's ultra-soluble formula contains powerful cytoplasmic expansion agents and nutrient drivers including creatine gluconate L-Norvaline arginine AKG and Resveratrol designed to hyper-load muscle cells with growth- and recovery-enhancing nutrients Cell KEM's unique cellular expansion properties maximize muscle volume and nutrient delivery at the most critical time - immediately post-workout Cell KEM's proven ATP regenerating components including citrulline malate and creatine gluconate support the Kreb's cycle and replenish cellular energy substrates to refuel muscle contraction to allow athletes to return to the gym the field or the training mat quicker 

4 Electrolyte Infusion/Hyper-Hydration Complex
Hydration and electrolyte balance are critical to optimal cellular function Intense training can deplete cells of vital hydration and disrupt electrolyte balance further complicating cellular function including the mechanisms of muscle contraction energy regeneration and nutrient delivery Cell KEM's Electrolyte Infusion/Hyper-Hydration Complex provides a functionally balanced electrolyte solution to optimize muscle cell function and health support contractility fluid balance and prevent contractility

The Elite Pre-Workout Solution

With EVP it is not necessary to take multiple pre-workout products EVP is precisely formulated with every ingredient you need to achieve maximum strength recovery fullness and definition You will not need to worry about unnecessary antagonistic ingredients or the extra cost of combining several products EVP contains no unnecessary or antagonistic ingredients You will also not need to “stack” additional or less complete products that will hinder your gains by creating unnecessary system toxicity EVP is 100 sugar free maltodextrin free and carbohydrate free This ingredients are often used as fillers or binders that can contribute to insulin spikes and shut down fat burning mechanisms EVP will allow you to maintain fullness and maximum pump even on the most restrictive pre-contest low-carb or ketogenic diet 

Elite Mass & Recovery Catalyst

Recovery is arguably the most-overlooked or misunderstood component of any athlete's nutritional program Until recently the supplement industry has done little to address what could be the single most important component of the athlete's nutritional protocol That's whereEvogen Nutrition is again a step ahead of the rest 

In recent years the supplement industry has focused on developing products that support an athlete's performance from the pre-workout standpoint based on any of several stimulant-laden or sugar-based pre-workout products But precious little headway has been made into understanding the process of recovery and anabolism in the critical immediate post-workout phaseuntil now!

The Pro-Creator Hany Rambod CEO Evogen Nutrition and bodybuilding's top contest prep guide knows that the time immediately following training is critical The impact of intense training on the body's internal biochemical environment results in one of two scenarios - anabolism or catabolism Cell KEM Evogen Nutrition's Elite Mass & Recovery Formula is your nutritional insurance policy to guarantee your body follows the anabolic pathway of maximum growth rather than heading down the catabolic path to self-destruction 

Cell KEM for All Day Anabolism

Athlete's of all sports can benefit from Cell KEM's unique and powerful performance and recovery components Bodybuilders Figure and Fitness competitors MMA athletes track & field and all other power strength and speed athletes will all benefit from Cell KEM 

Athletes who are entrenched in a high-intensity training program such as physique contest- or fight-prep will find tremendous benefit from Cell KEM and will benefit from taking additional servings of Cell KEM throughout the day In addition to the recommended post-workout serving use Cell KEM upon waking or mid-day in between meals to maximize performance anti-catabolic and recovery benefits especially during the rigors of pre-competition training For athletes who train more than once per day such as pre-contest bodybuilding and figure competitors or MMA athletes use Cell KEM after every intense training session to maximize muscle hardness recovery cellular energy and hydration Cell KEM can also be utilized at bedtime to prevent potential catabolic effects of the night time fasting period

Cell KEM Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Scoop (11g)
Serving Per Container 40

Amount Per Serving
Calories 10
Carbohydrates Ascorbic Acid 250mg 417
Thiamine 1mg 49
Riboflavin 2mg 99
Niacin 5mg 25
Pyridoxine 7mg 368
Calcium 51mg 5
Phosphorus 113mg 11
Magnesium 49mg 12
Sodium 203mg 10
Potassium 80mg 2

Cell KEM Cellular Kinetic Expansion Matrix 88g

411 Growth Acceleration Complex
Fermented Ultra-Soluble BCAA Complex
Leucine (as FUSIL fermented & ultrasoluble BCAA)
Isoleucine Valine - 411 anabolic ratio

Recovery Augmenting/Anti-Catabolic/Anti-Oxidant Complex
Glutamine (from a fermented source) Ascorbic Acid
L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate Resveratrol Pyridoxine
Niacinamide Riboflavin Thiamin

Osmotic Expansion/ATP-Enhancing Complex
Arginine Alpha Keto-Glutarate Creatine Gluconate
Citruline Malate L-Norvaline

Electrolyte Infusion/Hyper Hydration Complex
Sodium Citrate Di-Potassium Phosphate Di-Calcium Phosphate Tri-Magnesium Phosphate Sodium Chloride

Cell KEM Other Ingredients
Citric Acid Natural And Artificial Lemonade Type Flavor Natural And Artificial Raspberry Type Flavor Silicon Dioxide Xanthan Gum Natural And Artificial Prosweet Flavor Sucralose Acesulfame Potassium FD&C Red #40 Lake

Cell KEM Recommended Use
Consume recommended dose immediately after training on an empty stomach Mix with 4-6 oz cold water per scoop Wait at least 20-30 minutes before consuming typical post-workout protein shake or meal Store in a cool dry place For best results use within 60 days of breaking the seal Never store on top of refrigerator

FOR 100-150lb athlete >> 10 scoop
FOR 150-200lb athlete >> 15 scoops
FOR 200lb athlete >> 2 scoops

Optional To maximize anabolic signaling induce cellular expansion and blunt the catabolic effects of the sleep-time fast consume an additional dose of Cell KEM upon waking

This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older Do not use this product if you are pregnant expect to become pregnant or are nursing Consult with your physician before using this or any other dietary supplement product Do not use this product without consulting you physician if you are using any prescription or over the counter medication or if you have any pre-existing medical condition Immediately discontinue use and consult a physician if you experience any adverse reaction to this product KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN