TWP Ostalean stack (GW501516 / MK2866 )
TWP Ostalean stack (GW501516 / MK2866 )

TWP Ostalean stack (GW501516 / MK2866 )

Manufacturer: The Warrior Project



What is TWP Ostalean stack?

TWP Ostalean stack is the new product from well known company TWP Nutrition that combines GW501516 or Cardarine and MK2866 or Ostarine. This is ultimate combo that will help you increase pure muscle mass and burn stubborn fat. Basically, it is ultimate fatburner, no muscle waste. Especially, it is good for athletes like crossfitters as it gives you pure muscle and endurance needed for extremely long and hard training sessions.

TWP Ostalean stack together with Swole-GH are the new products from TWP Nutrition Platinum series.

Key benefits

  • Aids endurance
  • Potent fat burner
  • Lean muscle gains
  • Ideal for those looking for more definition
  • Improves effects to build muscle and recover more promptly.


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