A+Labs Lean Team 60 Caps

A+Labs Lean Team 60 Caps

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If you’re looking to lose fat while preserving all of your muscle, look no further because you’ve found the gold mine you’ve been searching for!

Cardarine and Ostarine enjoy a lot of synergy with each other – not only do they both make you lose fat in their own way, but the Ostarine will ensure that your muscles stay intact during a cut .


Ostarine (MK2866) is the most anabolic SARM of them all making it the original go to for people looking to increase muscle mass rapidly without the use of steroids.

Cardarine (GW501516) was developed to improve stamina (endurance), and increase fat loss.

  • More Strength and Mass
  • Highly Anabolic
  • Reduce Bodyfat
  • Fast Recovery

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