Alpha Neon Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout 420g


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Introducing DARKSIDE® ONSLAUGHT™ by Alpha Neon – This is no every day, standard pre-workout that contains basic ingredients in standard amounts. This is a fully loaded, clinically dosed formula of some of the most tried and tested pre-workout ingredients out there.

DARKSIDE® ONSLAUGHT™ has been put together with one goal in mind – creating the complete Pre-Workout – Extreme EnergySkin Splitting Pumps and Unbreakable Focus.

What makes DARKSIDE® ONSLAUGHT™ stand out?

  • Complete combination of stimulants, nootropics & pump ingredients
  • 60 servings per container, with 30 fully loaded servings (ADVANCED USERS ONLY!)
  • Hundreds of positive reviews from actual Stink Junkies!
  • Paradoxine™ Grains of Paradise extract for added HEAT!

Recommended Use 

Please start with 1 Scoop (7g) mixed with 250ml of cold water to assess tolerance. Once you have assessed tolerance, you may move onto 2 Scoops (14g) – this is for ADVANCED USERS ONLY! Do not consume more than 2 Scoops (14g) within a 24 hours period. Do not consume within 4 hours of intended sleep.


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