Alpha Neon Rise and Shine 360g


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Alpha Neon, your ultimate morning companion for digestive optimization. Crafted with a potent blend of natural ingredients, this powerhouse formula is designed to kickstart your day with vitality and wellness.

Each serving of Rise ‘n Shine is packed with 5000mg of Psyllium Husk, renowned for its gentle yet effective fiber content, promoting healthy digestion and regularity. Combined with 5000mg of Glutamine, an amino acid crucial for gut health, this dynamic duo works synergistically to support a balanced digestive system.

Infused with 1000mg of Apple Cider Vinegar, known for its detoxifying properties and ability to aid in weight management, Rise ‘n Shine provides a refreshing boost to your morning routine.

Additionally, 200mg of Lemon Juice Extract which aids digestion by stimulating digestive enzymes, balancing stomach pH, supporting liver function, promoting regularity with soluble fiber, and reducing bloating.

Harnessing the soothing benefits of 100mg of Aloe Vera Concentrate, this formula helps to soothe and support gastrointestinal health, while 10mg of Probiotics introduces beneficial bacteria to your gut microbiome, promoting overall digestive wellness.


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