Bucked UP LFG 232g

LFG: A revolutionary pre-workout specifically designed to optimize fat loss when combined with exercise.*

This science-based formula supplies groundbreaking, clinically trademarked ingredients to help transform stored fat into heat for burning calories.* On top of that, it provides you with clean energy, laser-sharp focus, incredible endurance and crazy pumps.*

LFG Pre-Workout will help you dominate even the toughest of your workouts while revolutionizing the way you burn fat in the gym.*

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Bucked Up LFG fuses familiar compounds with ground breaking new fat-loss ingredients to give you a pre-workout experience as powerful as your work ethic.

Training with LFG is the equivalent of throwing fat stores on the stove and cranking burners up to the max. Set by set and sprint by sprint, combine your hard work with LFG’s body-heating thermogenesis. Evaporate unwanted weight and transform when combined with exercise.*

You know what’s needed to win the war against unwanted fat. You work hard, push your limits, burning any fatty obstacles that dare oppose your weight loss goals. You deserve supplements that work as hard as you do.


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