Bucked Up LFG Pre-Workout


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Announcing LFG, a revolutionary pre-workout specifically designed to optimize fat loss. Designed to complement your hard work, LFG acts as both a pre-workout and a fat burning supplement when combined with exercise.*

This science-based, non-proprietary formula supplies breakthrough ingredients to help you achieve your noble quest for fat loss

Bucked Up LFG Pre-Workout

  • Energy beyond mortal comprehension*
  • Thermogenesis to help trigger fat loss transformation when combined with exercise*
  • Promotes proper metabolic function for healthy weight loss when combined with exercise*
  • Dopamine flood gates release for elevated mood & motivation*
  • Encourages the quest for unequaled levels of endurance*
  • Prime the body for transformative cell swelling & optimus PUMP

Key Ingredients 

  • Caffeine (300mg): You know what it does. Energy.
  • MitoBurn (L-BAIBA): Breakthrough ingredient scientifically studied for increased fat burning when combined with exercise*
  • Mucuna pruriens (L-Dopa): Unlock the key neurotransmitter involved in motivated weight loss.*
  • Nitrosigine: Powerful PUMP potentiate designed to increase blood flow and delay fatigue*
  • Paradoxine(Grains of Paradise): Clinically shown to promote fat burned during exercise*
  • Beta-Alanine: May enhance VO2 max for peak physical performance



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