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WOKE AF is our highest stimulant pre-workout. It’s for the Saiyan insane, the insatiable, and those who refuse to accept anything less than reaching energy levels over 9,000. It’s formulated with clinically studied ingredients (at their clinical doses) to help deliver pump, endurance, focus, and performance. But that’s just the quality you expect from any BUCKED UP product. What’s truly astonishing about WOKE AF is the combination of stimulants. 

Think of your energy like a rocket. Caffeine goes off first, sending you skyward. Synephrine and Dendrobium kick into gear next; breaking atmosphere, hanging out in space, looking down on all the mere mortals — how small they all look from the “heavens.” 

Many high stimulant pre-workouts use ingredients that burst too hard & fast, and cause engine failure or premature fuel store depletion. Not us. WOKE AF is formulated to shoot you into space, let you soar for hours, and still provide you with a nice, soft landing. In other words, no “Houston, we have a problem,” and no crash. 

You can trust WOKE AF to help with

  • Unparalleled, long-lasting energy 
  • Powerful Pumps (Almost) 
  • Eternal Endurance 
  • Increased Athletic Performance 
  • Mood, motivation, and focus

With 3 different stimulants combined with clinically proven cognition enhancers, and a potent delivery mechanism will help you stay WOKE AF through the most intense workouts.

 Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop with 10-12oz of cold water 15-20 minutes prior to intense training.


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