CNP Full Pump Pre Workout 300g

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CNP Full Pump is the brand new pump pre-workout from CNP. Full Pump is stimulant free so can be stacked with caffeine based pre-workouts.

Full Pump is highly dosed with 4 BIG HITTERS when it comes to PUMPS, Citrulline Malate, Nitrosigine®, Amentopump® and Pink Himalayan Salt. It is ideal to use a stand-alone non-stim pre, or stack with FULL TILT for maximum workout intensity and some epic vascularity.

Increased blood flow to the muscles improves nutrient delivery and the removal of fatigue causing by-products such as lactic acid. This means better PERFORMANCE, bigger LIFTS and improved RECOVERY between sets.

You owe it to your next WORKOUT #GOFULLPUMP


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