CNP Peptide Protein 2.27kg


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Pro Peptide boasts a high-quality protein blend, developed by some of the leading formulation scientists in the Sports Nutrition industry.

  • CNP PRO PEPTIDE is a premium timed release protein for growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • HIGH PROTEIN – 48g of protein per serving (native whey protein & premium micellar casein)
  • MUSCLE FUNCTION and protein synthesis is supported by the Pro Peptide formulation
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES and Probiotcs complete the Pro Peptide formula to deliver a functional protein powder
  • PERFECT FOR ANY TIME OF DAY – breakfast time or before bed, where the Micellar Casein acts to drip feed the muscles with much needed amino acids throughout the night

Pro Peptide contains Native Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate, which are low temperature processed, directly from Skimmed Milk. This makes Pro Peptide naturally high in Leucine and Glutamine, yet lower in lactose and fat. Native Whey is combined with Micellar Casein, Egg Albumen and Peptide Bonded Glutamine to make Pro Peptide a highly functional blend that delivers an amino acid profile to help you recover, repair and grow.

  • For growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Tailored to the human body for maximum growth & performance
  • Low temperature processed protein blend
  • Contains Peptide Bonded Glutamine

The Pro Peptide formulation supports normal muscle function and protein synthesis within the body with Magnesium, while helping to reduce fatigue and support a normal energy-yielding metabolism – ideal for users following a specialist diet.

Pro Peptide offers you the ultimate support and helps your body make use of the formulation with Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. Pro Peptide uses the trademarks DigeZyme™ and Lactospore™, to deliver the most functional, gut-healthy protein supplement on the market.

It has been this way since 1998.



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