Crazy Teddy Bubblegum 250g


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 Ready to be bubbled away with this amazing flavour? A hint of bubblegum and a hint of blue raspberry make up the perfect mouth-watering pre-workout flavour.

Chaos Pre-workout is a super-concentrated formula for fast and effective increases in strength, focus, energy levels, and pump.

How can it be that a dose of 5.5 grams of the Crazy Teddy Chaos Matrix broad-spectrum formula can give the same results, or even better, than the products with a recommended serving of 10 or 20 grams, you ask? 

We call the Crazy Teddy Chaos Matrix a smart PWO, a super-concentrated pre-workout with ingredients that are carefully balanced to give maximum synergistic effect.

If you know your chemistry and have studied how natural ingredients work together, it gives you an advantage as a supplement producer. Some manufacturers and brand owners believe in stuffing the formulas with extreme amounts and believe “bigger is always better”. Often higher doses can sometimes create a disadvantage. Our system is delicate and absorption is about available receptors in your body. If your receptors are overstimulated or clogged up due to ingesting impure or dangerous ingredients, they can shut down the absorption and you will get less or even no effect.


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