Gmys Relaxation Gummies, Passion Fruit – 60 gummies


Experience mornings refreshed and revitalized with our Gmys Relaxation Sleep Gummies. These gummies harness the natural serotonin-boosting power of Griffonia seed extract, promoting restful sleep. Enhanced with Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passiflora, and L-Theanine, they provide a peaceful slumber. Our sleep gummies serve as a botanical, melatonin alternative—naturally rejuvenating your rest, setting them apart from traditional sleep aids like CBD and melatonin.

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If you’ve ever tried to get a good night’s sleep but remained restless throughout the night, this is your chance to ditch those late nights.

With the help of our passion fruit-flavoured gummies, we’ve crafted a blend of ingredients that help promote natural and healthy sleep cycles, improve wake-up time and wake up feeling refreshed.

Our delicious vegan gummies have got you covered!


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