Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump 385g

Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump 385g

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SHAABOOM PUMP was created for one simple reason: to produce animalistic energy and superhuman skin-stretching muscular pumps during each and every workout. There is nothing quite like the feeling of an amazing workout, when your muscles suddenly start to engorge with blood, and you look like you’re wearing a kids t-shirt, as veins start protruding like a road map.

It’s moments like this, when you wish you could just bole up the feeling. Mission Accomplished! SHAABOOM PUMP is the full-blown muscle volumizer and hyper-active energy booster, that will simply never let you down. It’s a proven formula that has become the trusted companion of bodybuilding champions and workout maniacs throughout the world.

The SHAABOOM PUMP formula is enriched with 5000mg of beta-alanine & 2000mg of Citrulline Malate. From the very first serving you’ll be prepped for imminent iron bale, as the intensity creeps in and the weights suddenly feel like building block toys.

SHAABOOM PUMP provides everything you’ve been searching for to ferociously attack your workouts and build your own legendary physique.

Nutritional Information

Serving size: (depending on body mass): ≤ 133kg 1 Scoop  (8.75g) / >133kg 2 Scoops (17.5g)
Servings per container: ~44 (8.75g); ~22 (17.5g)
Amount per  (≤ 133kg) 8.75g  (> 133kg) 17.5g 
Citrulline malate (of which citrulline) 3000mg (2000mg) 6000mg (4000mg)
Beta-alanine  2500mg 5000mg
Creatine monohydrate of which creatin) 1500mg (1320mg) 3000mg (1640mg)
L-Arginine alphaketoglutarate (AKG) (of which L- arginine) 1000mg (700mg) 2000mg (1400mg)
Caffeine 200mg 400mg

Suggested Use

Depending on your body mass mix 1 scoop (8.75g) with 150–200ml of water or mix 2 scoops (17.5g) with 300-400ml of water.

Drink 1 serving size about 20 minutes before your workout.