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Kilo Labs Hybrid Pre-Workout operation is based on several different foundations. This has both advantages and disadvantages. By far, the most crucial advantage is the achievement of at least several different benefits. In dietary supplements, such benefits can be provided by formulations with universal specificity and multidirectional action. The Hybrid pre-workout from Kilo Labs certainly belongs to this group.

As the name suggests, hybrid action is its most important feature. As a result, it can provide significant benefits in several respects. The foundation of this supplement consists of two blends prepared by Kilo Labz. First, the explosive Stim Matrix is filled with substances with stimulating and invigorating effects. Thus, it can add energy and help reduce perceived fatigue. On the other hand, the second blend, Performance and Pump Matrix, is responsible for preparing the body for the upcoming workout. In addition, it provides a very noticeable increase in the intensity of the muscle pump.

As for the active ingredients contained in both blends, these are primarily:

1. Explosive Stim Matrix:

– Anhydrous caffeine – popular caffeine seems an obvious solution to fighting perceived fatigue. However, it is worth reaching for the anhydrous form of caffeine to realize its full potential. This is because it stands out for its more practical nature and more effective action in stimulating the body. For this reason, it will be a perfect choice.
– 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) – when athletes started looking for an alternative to DMAA, their attention almost immediately turned to DMHA. And for a good reason. After all, 2-aminoisoheptane is a compound with very similar effects and, as such, can guarantee a powerful feeling of stimulation. That’s what makes it often reached for those with a high caffeine tolerance level.
– Theobromine – the group of stimulants can also include theobromine contained, for example, in cocoa beans. Theobromine is characterized by exceptionally high effectiveness in supporting the work of the cardiovascular system. This is why it is readily used by athletes performing very intense physical training.
– N, N-Dimethylphenethylamine (Eria Jarensis) – the appearance on the market of supplements containing active compounds found in the Eria Jarensis plant quickly aroused great interest among athletes. This is because it turned out that the compounds above have an intense effect and work well as stimulants.

2 Performance and Pump Matrix:

– Citrulline malate – to this day, citrulline is the most popular supplement to increase the intensity of the muscle pump felt. In this regard, its action is effective; therefore, it is hardly surprising that it is so popular. In addition, Citrulline malate is highly bioavailable, so that it will be the best choice.
– Beta-alanine – a strong muscle pump contributes, among other things, to increase the body’s exercise capacity. However, in this regard, the overall level of muscular endurance is even more critical. This, in turn, can be increased by using beta-alanine. Moreover, it is one of the best-researched supplements, as its effects have been repeatedly confirmed in studies. So it’s no wonder that athletes highly demand beta-alanine preparations.
 Betaine anhydrous – supplements with betaine are recommended for people who want to lower cysteine levels in the blood. However, athletes can also benefit from them, as betaine supports the functioning of the circulatory system. This allows muscles to be supplied with oxygen much more efficiently during intense exercise.
– HydroPrime™ – the last ingredient in the blend is the patented HydroPrime™. It stands out due to its minimum 65% pure glycerol content. With sports supplementation, glycerol can provide two benefits. First, it will affect a much more intense muscle pump sensation. Second, glycerol helps keep the body hydrated.

Recommended Use 

Mix one scoop of the product (just under 15 g) with water and drink 15-30 minutes before the start of your workout. Taking the product on an empty stomach is advisable to get the maximum benefit from supplementation.


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