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Mr Popper's Oat Mash 2kg

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Mr. Popper's® OatMash® of Amix Nutrition is a product made of instant oat flour, an essential fuel for any athlete. It has a great solubility and it's available in several flavours, making it very easy to take at any time of the day.

Oats is a ver complete cereal due to its optimum macro- and micronutrient profile. For this reason it has become a ver popular element during the last years for people who care about their health, amateur athletes or even professional athletes. Oats are an excellent vegetable protein source. It is also rich in carbohydrates of low glycemic index (slow absorption) which provides energy lengthily. It contains fiber to help our intestinal transit, unsaturated fats and a good amount of micronutrients needed in performance.

Oats contain essential minerals in the diet of any athlete (potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, etc) that help maintain electrolyte balance in our body. It is also rich in B vitamins (mainly Vit. B1 and Vit. B5), essential in carbohydrates metabolism to get energy, helping to improve performance. It should be added to the daily diet.

Being considered an excellent source of carbohydrates, is best taken before exercise (about 1 hour before). It is also perfect for people wishing to lose weight, allowing satiate hunger.

Besides, oats provides us great health benefits: it lowers cholesterol, it helps strengthen our immune system, it can help to reduce blood pressure, it regulates sugar levels in blood by reducing the risk of diabetes type II, it protects against heart disease, prevents constipation, etc.

With Mr. Popper's® OatMash® of Amix Nutrition, you will enjoy natural, highly nutritious and versatile food with which you can make an infinite number of healthy recipes.

  • Oat flour of great solubility
  • Available in different flavours
  • Source of low GI carbohydrates
  • Essential in athletes' diet

Nutritional Information

Amount per serving
Energy Value 715.9kJ/170kcal
Fat 4.5g
of which saturated 4.4g
Carbohydrates 29g
Sugars 6g
Fibre 1g
Proteins 2.8g
Salt 0.25g

Suggested Use

Take 1 dispenser (50g) with 200ml of water or hot milk and mix well with a spoon until the desired consistency is achieved. Wait 2 minutes before consuming. It can be seasoned with honey, nuts and/or fruit.