MuscleTech Platinum 8-Hour Protein 2080g

MuscleTech Platinum 8-Hour Protein 2080g

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The main feature of proteins Platinum 8-Hour Protein has the unique characteristic of releasing amino acids into the bloodstream for a full 8 hours after taking. Thanks to this gradual release ability, it is a highly anabolic and anti-catabolic product that will help you build muscle in the long run.

7 top quality protein sources

Overall Platinum 8-Hour Protein contains only high-quality milk-derived protein sources, incorporated into the formula to ensure your body rebuilds muscle tissue and recovery. Unlike other protein blends, in Platinum 8-Hour Protein you won't find low-quality protein like rice.

- Hydrolyzed whey protein Isolate.
- Whey protein isolate.
- Concentrated whey protein.
- Concentrated milk proteins.
- Calcium caseinate.
- Micellar Casein.

Take it when you prefer:
In the morning, before and after training, and at night

Platinum 8-Hour Protein contains a unique blend of proteins that will help you whenever you need it. The protein release "Multi-Phase" it will provide you with ready-to-use amino acids for post-workout, the average release of protein between meals and the slow digestion phase of protein for the night