Nano Ä Protein Pancake 12x45g

Nano Ä Protein Pancake 12x45g

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Protein pancake mixes are not unusual in the Mix, but this first of it's kind, individually packaged, pre-made, protein pancake snack is something else entirely!

Each delicious 45g pancake packs 16g of protein (and high quality Whey protein, at that!!) and comes in at only 136 calories?! That's not even the best part, each freshly baked pancake is filled with a sweet creamy vanilla centre!

On-the-go pancake snacking at it's best, and here we thought it was just a once a year thang! Well, the 'A Team' have really mixed up the protein snacking game, this is a must try folks!

- Packs 16g protein per 45g pancake
- Just 136 calories
- Individually packaged with none of the mess involved in making regular pancakes
- Freshly baked
- No added sugar


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