Redcon1 CANTEEN 375g
Redcon1 CANTEEN 375g

Redcon1 CANTEEN 375g

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Electrolytes are electrically-charged minerals that carry energy in your body. When mixed with water, electrolytes can help support the electric tissues in the body, which are essential for maintaining proper organ function and overall health. Electrolyte powders like CANTEEN help replenish your body with essential vitamins and minerals, while giving you the hydration you need to feel and perform at your best. They play a role in muscle contraction, metabolism, and various other cell functions.

Mix CANTEEN with water or your favourite beverage and drink any time of day. Drink in the morning before heading to work to ensure you’re alert and ready to get the day started. Or use it during or post-workout to reduce soreness and make sure your muscles don’t cramp. And, add to your water bottle and sip throughout the day to help your body recover and run at its best.

Suggested Use

For best results, mix (1) scoop of CANTEEN with 8-12 ounces of water or your favourite beverage and consume during your workout or athletic event. CANTEEN can be taken on training and non-training days.

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