Spazmatic Pre-Workout 351g
Spazmatic Pre-Workout 351g

Spazmatic Pre-Workout 351g

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Industry renowned and YouTube star Tim Muriello has long been one of the go to voices on supplementation, product reviews and general information within the supplement industry. He has now brought out a Pre-Workout that will be sure to deliver crazy pumps, intense workouts and crazy focus.

Designed to push energy levels through the roof, Spazmatic combines high-intensity stimulants with coexisting steady state release stimulants as well to ensure energy levels peak quickly but last far longer. This means no dreaded crash at the end of your workout!

  • High Intensity Formula
  • Crazy Pumps
  • Long Lasting Energy
  • Enhanced Focus

    Suggested Use

    1 scoop mixed with 300ml of water 20 minutes before workout. Preferably on an empty stomach. Do not consume more than 2 scoops in a 24 hour period.