Supplement Needs Pre Stim+ 105g

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We bring you our very own high stim pre workout formula developed by Dr Dean St Mart as part of his trifecta series. It’s also completely caffeine free! The Pre Stim+ is here!

Here are some words from the man himself; Another piece to the PRE trifecta. As you have seen Pump+ is stimulant free, Focus+ has the caffeine and nootropic goods but what about those that like to get off their face before an intense session?

As with the other 2 PRE+ products, I wanted to give people the chance to mix and match depending on their preferences. Pre Stim+ is caffeine free and loaded with 6 ingredients designed to stimulate your mind without the intense crash of a high caffeine product but strong enough to stand on its own.

    Suggested Use

    Mix 1 level scoop with 200ml of cold water and consume 30 minutes before your training session.

    Nutritional Information

    Per Serving (3.5g)
    Dynamine 250mg
    Juglans Regia 10:1 200mg
    Kigelia Africana extract 200mg
    NeuroPEA 200mg
    TeaCrine 150mg
    Hordenine 100mg


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