TBJP – EAA 30 servings


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Trained By JP Nutrition EAA 30 servings

What does EAA supplement do?

Essential Amino Acids Fuel the Muscle Protein Synthesis that allows your body to perform, recover and grow. Research has shown that supplementing with Essential Amino Acids pre-workout can increase your body’s Anabolic (Muscle Building) response to exercise!”
Is EAA better than BCAA?
EAAs have a really remarkable protein synthetic reaction. However, BCAAs do not have a good protein synthesis response. Due to the absence of histidine in the BCAA supplement, it is not as effective in boosting immunity as the EAA supplement. EAAs are less effective than BCAAs at preventing muscular fatigue.
Should I take EAA every day?
When Should You Take the EAA Supplement? If you are using a good quality and best EAA supplement, then you should take a 10-15 grams dosage every day


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