TBJP – Performance Fuel 40 servings


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Trained By JP Performance Fue 100 percent cyclic dextrin, with pharmacy grade electrolytes.

PINA COLADA ONLY is flavoured with Stevia 

Performance fuel is best consumed across a hard training session to help increase performance, taking 1-2 servings in 1 litre of water, will improve the training session and also aid in recovery, contributing to greater progress. 

Our performance fuel, evolves around protecting digestion. Many people have issues with carbohydrate powders that use maltodextrin, or dextrose, and as a result, feel gastric distress , that leads to bloating. 

Cyclic dextrin is a low molecular weight carbohydrate, designed for optimal digestion. We have coupled this with Aquamin, a pharmacy grade electrolyte to aid in optimal hydration. 

Pina colada is flavoured with stevia , as again some have issues with sucralose, therefore avoiding that when possible is advantageous for protecting overall gut health, if sucralose causes aggravation 



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