The Buzz! Hibernate Peach Iced Tea with added Melatonin .


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It’s time to Hibernate. The importance of quality sleep is paramount, especially for the physically active. More rest equals better recovery. Combining some of the most potent researched ingredients, Hibernate is designed to ensure you not only fall asleep, but stay in deep sleep too.

 Suggested use

Mix 1 scoop (6.5g) with 7-8oz . of water and consume 30 minutes before bedtime. 

2 reviews for The Buzz! Hibernate Peach Iced Tea with added Melatonin .

  1. James W

    I’ve always struggled with sleep and I rely on sleep-aid supplements frequently. Hibernate is easily one of the best I’ve used, and the flavour is incredible!! I just wanted to drink more!!

  2. Harvey

    tastes amazing, knocks me out within 30 minutes of taking. i get deeper and higher quality sleep, without waking up feeling groggy. my recovery has noticeably improved allowing me to push this off season even harder

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