THE BUZZ! Mushroom Superblend Chocolate Spice 283g


Mushroom Superblend contains seven adaptogenic mushrooms with the addition of KSM66 Ashwagandha to provide vitality, focus, natural energy and reduced cortisol.

– Lion’s mane 2000mg
– KSM-66 600mg
  • Full of antioxidants*
  • Support a healthy inflammation response*
  • Help to balance blood sugar*
  • Support brain health and cognition*
  • Support the nervous system*
  • Increase energy and stamina*

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The Buzz! Mushroom Superblend is an all-natural super food powerhouse that provides vitality, focus and natural energy to optimise your daily routine, containing seven adaptogenic mushrooms including Lion’s Mane, Shitake, Reishi and Chaga with the additions of KSM66 Ashwagandha and Cacoa.


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