Trec Nutrition Collagen Renover 350g


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Regenerates Joint Cartilage And Maintains Beautiful Skin!

– Strong joints and beautiful skin
– A complex cartilage renovator
– Highly bioactive collagen peptides

COLLAGEN RENOVER is a formula containing an easily absorbable hydrolyzed collagen and vit. C, aiding in the complex renewal of connective tissue. Collagen fibres connect and improve elasticity of joints and skin, providing them with protection against mechanical strain. Production of endogenous collagen decreases with age, accelerating the degradation of joint cartilage and reducing skin elasticity. COLLAGEN RENOVER is aimed at people at risk of joint strain, including athletes, people who are overweight and the elderly.

Does movement cause discomfort which restricts your daily activities? You want to give it your best during exercise, but are worried about your joints? Your skin isn’t as supple as it once was, and it’s beginning to show stretch marks or the first wrinkles? Take care of your cartilage and skin right now! Supplement your diet with an innovative formula containing easily absorbable collagen peptides, with added vitamin C. COLLAGEN RENOVER supports complex regeneration of the key elements of connective tissue, contributing to improved comfort of movement and enhanced skin condition. COLLAGEN RENOVER contains high quality raw materials obtained through a technologically-advanced process conducted under strictly controlled conditions. As a result, collagen protein undergoes gentle enzymatic hydrolysis and a multistage purification and concentration process. This makes it possible to obtain collagen peptides with a special amino acid sequence with extremely high biological activity. This makes COLLAGEN RENOVER easily absorbable and helps it reach its destination quickly. In order to enhance the product’s positive effect on increased collagen synthesis, the formula has been supplemented with vitamin C, which is essential for the process.


An intensive lifestyle and a poorly balanced diet may contribute to accelerated aging of connective tissue that builds our bones, cartilage and skin. The delicate balance between the synthesis and degradation of its structural components is also disturbed. The most important of these components is collagen, which binds connective tissue and provides it with elasticity and unique mechanical properties. It is the most commonly occurring protein in the human body, comprising almost 70% of total body proteins. There are as many as 29 different collagen types, although in humans around 90% are types I, II, III, IV, and V. Collagen is a protein with a unique fibrous structure, providing it with an unparalleled resistance to stretching. Built from 3 twisted protein spirals, collagen fibres provide stability and resistance to all structures in the human body. Their efficient biosynthesis allows for continuing regeneration of joint and skin cartilage, helping keep them at peak condition.


Just like all parts of the human body, structures of the joints require appropriate nutrition and regeneration. Cartilage is a specific type of tissue built of chondrocytes and the cartilaginous matrix, which constitutes almost 95% of its mass. Chondrocytes naturally oversee the production of their components, which are mainly collagen and proteoglycan. Under normal conditions, this completely meets the demands of joints, helping them work smoothly and without interruption. However, if they are frequently exposed to the strain of everyday activities, exercise or excess weight, chondrocytes may not be able to keep up with the biosynthesis of components key for their function. In this case the diet may also help the natural regeneration processes occurring within joints. Unfortunately the content and absorption of collagen proteins in typical food products is relatively low. The most effective means of increasing natural production of collagen is supplementation with its hydrolysed form. That’s why COLLAGEN RENOVER contains easily absorbable and highly effective collagen peptides obtained as part of the collagen enzymatic hydrolysis process. This provides them with a unique composition, almost identical to the amino acid structure of the collagen in the human body. In contrast to collagen itself, they do not form a gel and are easily soluble in water. COLLAGEN RENOVER is also free from the aftertaste and aroma characteristic of other collagen formulas. The product contains only bioactive collagen peptides, which are far more effective at stimulating chondrocytes to produce their own collagen. During the digestion process they are absorbed in the intestine, freely penetrating its walls to reach the bloodstream. With its help they are then distributed to wherever they are most needed. Scientific research confirms that collagen peptides taken orally quickly accumulate in cartilage in joints at risk of strain, for example the knees. This way cartilage cells receive not only an excellent building material for the synthesis of their own collagen, but also a signal to commence repair processes. Scientists have also demonstrated that regular supplementation with hydrolysed collagen not only improves the production of type II collagen, responsible for cartilage’s resistance to stretching, but also results in increased biosynthesis of aggrecan, an important proteoglycan providing it with resistance to compression. COLLAGEN RENOVER helps maintain the optimum comfort and mobility in joints at risk of regular strain, and may reduce the risk of dangerous injuries.


Collagen is a component of numerous cosmetics, and with good reason. Scientists have been studying its positive effects on skin appearance and function for years. Collagen is the skin’s main protein component, providing it with elasticity and resistance to stretching. It helps skin appear young and fresh, and makes it firm and smooth. Similarly as in joints, with increasing age natural collagen production decreases in the skin, causing the first signs of aging. This brings the appearance of fine lines, which over time deepen and turn into visible wrinkles. Another skin problem that commonly occurs during rapid weight gain (increased muscle mass, pregnancy, being overweight) are stretch marks. When the body’s surface area increases too quickly, the skin is stretched extensively. Under such conditions its cells cannot keep up their collagen production, and in areas under the greatest tension it loses elasticity. This results in interrupted continuity of the skin’s connective tissue, producing scars known as stretch marks. Unfortunately absorption of collagen from many creams is severely limited, since it must penetrate several poorly permeable layers of the epidermis and the dermis. Additionally, it is only possible to apply a small amount in a single dose, reducing its effectiveness. Researchers have demonstrated that the best method of collagen supplementation is taking oral collagen peptides. COLLAGEN RENOVER contains a high dose of hydrolysed collagen, which reaches skin cells after being absorbed from the digestive system. The bioactive peptides it contains support their structure and stimulate their metabolism to increase collagen biosynthesis. As a result the skin is better nourished from within, which improves its general appearance and condition. Its density and elasticity are improved, which may delay the appearance of new lines and deepening of existing wrinkles, as well as preventing stretch marks.


Active ingredients

Amount per serving 10 g** 5 g
Collagen Matrix
Hydrolyzed Collagen 9320,00 mg 4660,00 mg
Vit. C 80,00 mg (100%*) 40,00 mg


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