Trec Nutrition	 Taurine 900 - 90 caps

Trec Nutrition Taurine 900 - 90 caps

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Trec Nutrition Taurine 900 – 90 Caps

 Trec Nutrition Taurine 900 provides a robust dose of 100% taurine. It is an amino acid, the adequate supply of which in everyday diet promotes positive nitrogen balance, which provides proper conditions for the development of dry muscle mass. It also has certain anticatabolic properties, protecting the tissues against catabolism during the day.

Taurine has a positive effect on the transport of creatine to the muscles and it reduces fatigue. It is a valuable source of organic nitrogen, naturally found in the body in small quantities. Helps to improve concentration, prevent physical and mental fatigue (e.g. through enhanced oxygenation due to increased affinity of haemoglobin to oxygen) and support the body’s immune function.

Who is the product recommended for? The product is recommended for all people who are physically active, regardless of their professional or amateur status. It helps to achieve the desired fitness level, reducing feelings of tiredness.


per 3 capsules (Daily portion of the product)

Taurine –  2700,00 mg