TWP Enhanced Health 120 Caps

TWP Enhanced Health 120 Caps

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TWP Enhanced Health is the first product in the brand new TWP Health Series. Specifically formulated to support kidney health and blood pressure, Enhanced Health is a must have for any serious athlete.

The effects of hardcore training on blood pressure and kidney health are often overlooked, even by the most health conscious athlete. Which is why TWP have created this perfect aid which will not only help protect, it will also help to develop the external results you are looking for from your workouts.

The main ingredient in Enhanced Health is Astragalus Root Extract, with 2000mg per cap. Astragalus is an ancient medicine known for its positive effects on the liver, blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, as well as supporting the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Each one of the ingredients in Enhanced Health has been specifically selected for their health benefits, with Celery Seed and Beetroot Extract having a positive impact on blood pressure. While Curcumin works as an effective anti-inflammatory and OxyStorm works to aid recovery.

    Nutritional Information

    Nutritional Information Per Serving Per Capsule
    Astragulus Root Powder Extract (10:1) 8000mg 2000mg
    Celery Seed Extract (4:1) 2000mg 500mg
    Beetroot Extract (4:1) 1000mg 250mg
    Curcumin (95% Curcuminoids) 500mg 125mg
    OxyStorm 500mg 125mg
    Potassium Choride 400mg 100mg
    AstraGin 50mg 12.50mg
    Black Pepper Extract 5mg 1.25mg


    Magnesium Stearate


    Celery Seed Extract

    Suggested Use

    Consume 4 capsules with your morning meal, do not exceed recommended dosage.